Peanuts and Oats Milk Delight

Due to my excessive fascination to a blog site (which I discovered just recently) on healthy eating and lifestyle,, I decided to try one of its featured recipes, the “Oat and Almond Milk Recipe” just because it looked super delish. Unfortunately, it was a late night craving so I just had to make the most of what was available in the cupboard. In other words, it went a bit different from the original recipe. Instead, I made my own version of it, just a simple delightful drink, Peanuts and Oats Milk.



·        1 ½ cup – Rolled Oats

·        1 hand full – Peanuts

·        10 drops – Almond extract

·        2 tbsp. – Honey

·        3 glasses – water

 You’ll also need:

·        1 pc. – Nut milk bag (or in my case, I used a clean thin cloth slightly similar to it, just to serve the purpose for straining)

·        Blender

 How to:

Mix all the ingredients in a blender for 30 seconds (or in my case, I gave few extra seconds to achieve a slight creamy texture).

Finally, pour the mixture out over a strainer into a glass container. Get ready to do some straining and squeezing!

Then, voila! I get to have a replacement for milk that’s still healthy. I tried it plain and really loved it. I also plan to use it as an organic replacement for my coffee creamer.

 For storing, I had mine sealed in the fridge and hope it can last up to 2-3 days. Enjoy!


About bonzaimelo

Composer. Singer/Songwriter. Environmentalist by choice. Director by degree. Fitness buff. Organic enthusiast. Dedicated Mom and Wife. Family-inspired. Caffeine-fueled. Random being. Disciple of Christ.

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  1. Hey Selika! That’s wonderful that you were able to improvised the ingredients and it was a success. 😋

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