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Heya Brewers! I just want y’all to know that I have moved to a new site – with my own domain, yay! Thank you, web genius Carlo Dimaandal (although, I’m still keeping this good ol’ site). It’s got a cooler look which I hope you guys would get to like even better! Just give a good click on this banner above and it’ll take you to my new site.

Do drop by and maybe give some feedback/comments/suggestions if you must!

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Bonzai’s Turmeric Brew @ Weekly Top 10

These past few weeks have been awesome. I got this message from someone named Zuza via Facebook:

Hello Bonzai, I just stumbled on your blog and I must say I love how much passion you have for writing! My name is Zuza and I’m from – a community of ASEAN bloggers, who love their cities and want to share their favourite city spots with the world. I thought you would be a perfect part of our community of bloggers from 6 countries…!

Zuza, who happens to be the Communication Manager of was indeed very kind and accommodating enough that I didn’t have a hard time figuring out how things work around the said online community. Just to make the long story short, I earnestly joined and became a Seetizen Expert. 

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JOVITA CAFE: A Piece of Batangas City, Brewing at its Best

The province of Batangas has long been known for its exceptional strong brewed coffee known as the “Kapeng Barako”. That would make Batangueños more likely to be coffee drinkers than not, I presume. However, here in the city proper of Batangas, we’ve roughly got a few good ones which can really be considered as real coffee-brewing havens. Sort of ironic, don’t’ya think?

Anyhow, to my delight, I discovered a fresh sanctuary for caffeine-loving people which is located just around the community – a few blocks away from our ancestral (Lola Adelaida’s) home and a tread away from my work place – Jovita Café. Yay!


Here’s an overview of the place. Neat, eh? (From here on, just click on the pics to see full-size)

Despite this place being a newbie in the city (which recently opened last December 8, 2014), it’s pretty much hoarding its reputation at a high pace, and I bet it’s through their excellent service (always!),  the good ambiance, good food and GREAT coffee at the best prices. Read the rest of this entry

Gugo Shampoo: My New Organic Shower Buddy

It took me a while to finally give up chemical shampoo and now I wonder why it took me this long to make this change! I gotta say, shampooing has never been this much fun since Gugo came along.

So today, I’m gonna share to you how I now take care of my locks – naturally – with my new shower buddy! My Homemade Gugo shampoo.

Homemade Gugo Shampoo (color becomes weak tea-like once residues subside)

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A Merry Curly Christmas (Digi-perm @ Tony & Jackey)

After more than a year of wanting to get a perm, I finally had the time and expense to get it – on the 24th of December 2014! Yay!

The very reason why I wanted to get a perm is to kinda embrace my bikolana roots. Done did with rebonds that fail to cover  once the hair roots finally grow an inch or two. My mom’s got this natural curls which I dreaded having too during my adolescence. Even got teased for having it. Turned out, at my age today, I couldn’t help but appreciate it eventually.

So… It’s like everything just fell into place. Found this ad Hair Blessing Rebond or Digital Perm & Haircut by Black Class products at Tony & Jackey for P2999 at Metrodeal and thought that I couldn’t miss it this time since it was 65% off!

Thanks to my sister, Duan, for tipping me about Metrodeal and also for getting me my voucher (since I couldn’t do it myself around that time). Love love. xxx

Okay, so I’ll let the photos do much of the talking from here:

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My Bliss List Project

Have you ever had that one brain-draining slash energy-depleting slash tear-jerking day where everything just won’t seem to fall in place and they just keep on getting better at pissing you off, let alone bringing you down?

Dunno ‘bout you, but I have and have had enough of such life drama that I realized: I just wanna be awesome instead!

I realized that HAPPINESS is simply a choice – regardless whatever kind of stomach-cringing, nerve-wrecking and bomb-ticking situation is facing us.

Having the freewill to choose is one of the greatest perks of being human, don’t ya think? In any case, just don’t let your mind get fogged up by the idea that you can go on squandering around and not be accountable for the consequences of your own actions; it really doesn’t work that way. Take this as a piece of advice from your good ol’ Bonzy bud: Happiness is a CHOICE that’s been well thought of; and in case things don’t go as planned, it still cannot negate Happiness since the latter is a choice.

To keep things short, I listed down some of the simplest things I wanna fulfill to my joy’s extent, I call ‘em my Bliss List:

#1. That perfect coffee moment. Since my love for coffee is unrestricted. Go figure.

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Earthly Brew: Turmeric FTW!


Finally, I was able to take time and make this simple organic DOTD: Turmeric for the win!

Aside from getting a whole lot of health benefits from turmeric which I already told you from one of my blogs right here, you can actually prep up this spicy brew within just a few minutes or if you’re just getting a bit jaded with your everyday coffee.

Prepping this earthly love is really simple. Here’s how:

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Sooner or later, we all have to face our weaknesses.

It may seem as though that we’re stubbornly being given the same circumstances that we’ve long shun from; but perhaps, it may also be a sign, one that insinuates the fact that we have been bound for greater things and that we are repeatedly being faced with the same things that push us to the edge of our personal boundaries simply because we are being given the chance to defy them – and that we’ve been destined to conquer them all along.

And so, it will always be up to us on how we will perceive things: either the glass is half empty or half full. In due course, we all have to face our fears; either we conquer or we accept defeat.

Bonzai Melo©

Peanuts and Oats Milk Delight

Due to my excessive fascination to a blog site (which I discovered just recently) on healthy eating and lifestyle,, I decided to try one of its featured recipes, the “Oat and Almond Milk Recipe” just because it looked super delish. Unfortunately, it was a late night craving so I just had to make the most of what was available in the cupboard. In other words, it went a bit different from the original recipe. Instead, I made my own version of it, just a simple delightful drink, Peanuts and Oats Milk.

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The Love Story of Nature and Me: When I met Turmeric

One thing you ought to know about me is that I am head over heels in love with everything that’s organic! Be it in cosmetics and food, you name it! It all started in the year 2012 when I decided to try a holistic approach to health after a daunting incident.

Earlier that year, I still had my post-pregnancy weight on and had trouble with gout. I had recurring UTI that I had to have myself checked with the OBGYNE. On my initial check-up, I was diagnosed with a small cyst on one of my ovaries. I was also having boils which recurred twice on my lower right belly (coincidently where the diagnosed cyst was situated within). My OB told me that I had to take prescription meds (which I think were, uh, antibiotics?) and had to return for a follow-up in a few days to know the nature of the cyst (since she explained that some cysts are just physiological and/or are non-malignant).

Confession: I didn’t have the guts to return for a follow-up checkup.

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